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Our Xclamations stamp is the No1. Education Stamp.

We have continually developed the Xclamation over a 30 year period.  Each stamp is designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in our UK base.

The No. 1 Education Stamp is created through laser technology and delivers a high quality print together with thousands of impressions per stamp.

Xclamations stamps are re-inkable and are available in a wide variety of colour inks including primary, metallic and fluorescent colour palettes, together with 8 bright mount colours to give you the largest variation possible to suit any requirements.  We at Shachihata (Europe) Ltd are known for our high-engineered, high quality Japanese designed mounts so the Xclamation stamp is the recognisable mount which naturally meets the high standards of our products.


There is a wide and varied selection of stock titles in our 33,000 sq ft warehouse located in the Cheshire countryside and bespoke designs are also available from several of our resellers.


We at Shachihata (Europe) Ltd are the distribution centre for brands of both Artline and Xstamper, supplying traders and distributors throughout the UK and Europe.

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