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Artline CliXstamper

Making marking easier for 15 years.

Artline CliXstamper



Artline CliXstamper

The Artline CliXstamper is a dual functional ballpoint pen and stamper.


Available in a range of refillable writing ink colours and in three barrel colours, the CliXstamper is an ideal and efficient combination for teachers when marking and motivating.

Artline CliXstamper
Xstamper 3 in 1 Word Stamp

Our pre-inked Xstamper 3-in1 Word Stamp has been specially designed to allow you to choose 3 of your favourite designs in one compact stamp at the turn of a wheel. 



Available in a choice of 2 mount colours, this handy stamp is pre-inked and re-inkable and each stamp will produce thousands of impressions.

The Xstamper Stick Star is a pre-inked and re-inkable stamp with a 6mm impression of a Star.


Available in a choice of bright colours, the Stick Star impression is perfect for marking or inspecting work and is a must-have for teachers.

Xstamper Stick Star
Xstamper Stick Star

Flash Stamps are pre-inked and re-inkable stamps capable of producing thousands of impressions. 


With an impression size of 30x25mm, they come in five pastel mount colours and are a great tool for easy marking and providing feedback.

The Xstamper N08 is a twin-colour ink stamp available in either a vertical or horizontal layout.

Capable of producing thousands of impressions, these re-inkable stamps have a soft, ergonomic grip and come in four brightly colour mounts.



Our N10/N11 and Slim N10 stamps are available in a wide range of titles to suit any need


Available in a variety of re-inkable colours and capable of producing thousands of impressions before needing to be re-inked.


Did you know we have a full education range, including Magnetic Erasers, Whiteboard Markers and a variety of writing pens?

You can find out more about our range of Artline and Xstamper products here.

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